The BioPort group from Ghent University is currently looking for a talented:
to be hired on a project running for 2-yearsand willing to apply for a personal FWO scholarship to extend his/her research.

BioPort is a young and dynamic research group at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering of Ghent University and recently started a new and emerging research line on extracellular transport over biological membranes related to Industrial Biotechnology. The goal is to both examine fundamental aspects of transporter enzymes like their specificities towards different substrates and catalytic properties, and at the same time develop platform systems for advanced export in synthetic biology systems. Suggestions by the candidate related to these topics are highly appreciated.

We are looking for a motivated PhD-student willing to join our team for a period of two years. You will be employed on a running project aiming to develop innovative solutions for transport in synthetic biology. We will support your personal application for a FWO PhD fellowship strategic basic research or FWO PhD fellowship fundamental research with deadline of March 1st 2019. Obtaining such a scholarship will allow you to extend your research time and obtain a PhD-degree. More information on these PhD-scholarships can be found on the webpages mentioned below:

The scholarships are highly competitive and require strong input from the candidate. Hence, we are looking for a candidate eager to obtain a PhD and fascinated by research in an academic set-up. Please see other requirements below:
You have a master degree in Bioscience Engineering, Biochemistry or Biomedical Engineering from one of the countries of the EU, the EER or Switzerland.
You have obtained this degree with at least ‘distinction’ (cum laude), and no longer than 3 years ago calculating from 01/03/2019.
You have not previously received a FWO fellowship (not even in part).
At the submission deadline (March 1st, 2019), you have no more than 18 months of scientific experience.
Experience with molecular biology and microbiology is essential
Experience with industrial biotechnology or biochemistry is a plus
Being fluent in English is essential, knowledge of Dutch is a plus

You proved to have scientific maturity and independence
You are creative, can think out of the box and have a pioneering spirit
You are able to deal with failure
You are a team player

Please check the detailed eligibility criteria at the FWO website yourself before applying for this position. Non-eligible candidates will not get a reply. If you are an eligible candidate, are enthusiastic about this subject and are interested in joining our BioPort team, please send your motivation letter and CV (including study results, thesis research topic, contact information of possible referee persons and a recent picture of yourself) to Prof. Dr. ir. Inge Van Bogaert ( before January 5th, 2019. Please use the reference Application_START.
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