Microbial transport system engineering to promote membrane crossing in a SynBio context

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ASBE Conference 2022

During the sixth Applied Synthetic Biology in Europe conference in Edinburgh, Liam & Lobke from our group presented their research on channel screening and engineering during a poster session.

iGEM Jamboree 2022

Our groupmembers José and Liv traveled to Paris to participate in the iGem Jamboree, an international synthetic biology competition that is organised every year. Besides learning about amazing new projects & attending workshops, José also gave a presentation on “Navigating… Continue Reading →

BioPort @Yeasterday in Brussels (May 13th, 2022)

BioPort members Liv Muth and Meriam Vandeputte enjoyed meeting other yeast scientists at Yeasterday with Liv presenting her poster “Production Assembly Lines in Microbial Cell Factories: Linking Cross-Membrane Transport with Metabolons.”

Proud on our latest publication on the Starmerella bombicola transportome

BioPort member Silke Claus strengthened her bioinformatics skills and explored the transportome of the biosurfactant producing yeast Starmerella bombicola. This resulted in interesting finding published in BMC Genomics. Read more here (click on the topic to access the link).

Another BioPort publication online!

Together with his BioPort colleagues, Liam Richard Jenkins Sánchez wrote an inspiring review. Check out “Force in numbers: high-throughput screening approaches to unlock microbial transport” here. (Click on the post to access the link).

Read our latest BioPort publication on digitally enhanced teaching

Thanks to BioPort member Liv Muth who is involved in assessing higher educational institutes, we wrote the review “A toolbox for digitally enhanced teaching in synthetic biology“. Get inspired!

BioPort is hiring!

Will you be our new colleague? We are looking for a talented PhD-student to join our team. Find out more here soon. Deadline for applying is November 5th 2021.

Congratulations to BioPort member Liam Jenkins!

After writing an innovative project proposal and being selected for the oral defense, Liam’s efforts paid off and he was awarded with an FWO SB scholarship to continue his research on aquaporins at BioPort for another four years. Congratulations!

New BioPort’s Review

BioPort’s research paper “Microbial fatty acid transport proteins and their biotechnological potential” has been published in Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Due to the hydrophobic nature of fatty acids, the cellular mechanisms involved in their transport greatly diverge from those of soluble… Continue Reading →

New BioPort’s Review

BioPort’s research paper “The role of transport proteins in the production of microbial glycolipid biosurfactants” has been published in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. Key points: • Transporters are directly and indirectly involved in microbial glycolipid synthesis.• Yeast glycolipid transporters are… Continue Reading →

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